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Your partners in operations, management ….


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and financial opportunities.


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Want a year-round accountant who cares for the success of your business? Want more than just seasonal taxes?


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To see quick results that are advantageous, we work within your budgets (time and money) and target the most important areas first. We’ll set goals and schedules. Instead of one large CPA hourly price, our rates vary by skills used:

·         Clerical - data entry & filing,

·         Financial - preparation & consultation,

·         Taxes – filing & planning, and

·         Management – HR, licensing, etc.




How strong is your company’s financing?  Do you have great rates? Does your bank give you its best products and lowest fees?

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Target loans and situations that increase profits or cash flow. After a review of your current financial situations, we can:        

·         Pinpoint areas of financing,

·         Plan for improvements,

·         Prepare loan applications,

·         Negotiate financial rates and fees,

·         Maximize payment schedules, and

·         Actively plan for taxes.







CONCH Accounting = Bookkeeping made Simple.


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Turn This:


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Have more important things to do than push papers?  Don’t let payroll, invoices or bills slow you down any longer.


Want to improve financial statements, cash flows, projections, and profit margins? Or focus advertising, trade shows, and peer discussions?


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Reap profit when opportunity knocks and nip trouble in the bud with accurate and timely financial statements. Using these tools in your specific business allows you to: 

·         Clarify & quantify the good (or bad),

·         Target areas of highest return,

·         Improve time management,

·         Maximize profits & cash flow, and

·         Reduce your tax burden.


Into this:

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Give that pile of papers

to people you can trust!




Let’s customize a package that meets your specific needs. Hand-off the items you select:

·        Payroll processing,

·        Bank account reconciliation,

·        Bill payment,

·        Customer invoicing & collection, and

·        Assorted paperwork




To contact us:


Phone: (305) 433-1829

Fax: (877) 922-4848




P.O. Box 313

Key West, Florida 33041


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