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We, here at Conch, are much more than a bookkeeping or accounting firm.  Sure, we’re great at number crunching and record keeping.  The services we offer our clients, however, go far beyond those “regular” duties.  Our team of consultants have had the good fortune to work for and assist a considerable variety of individuals and companies and as such, can provide you both the data-tracking and guidance necessary in today’s economy to not only survive but do with gainful success.  For example:






Doug comes from the “old school” where being a professional is the norm. A Brown University graduate of International Marketing and Organizational Behavior, Doug has worked for Fortune 500 companies throughout North America and successfully run and sold his own businesses. Doug has had both his Florida yacht broker and real estate broker licenses for several years. No matter how large or small, every business associate receives his graceful attention.



Doug’s experiences in the business world bring our consulting services to an unparalleled level. He is very qualified to assist you with any aspect of your business.  If necessary, he can help you polish your start-up (i.e. company structure, name selection, Web presence, etc.) and counsel you with your plan to transition from daily management to retirement.  His licensing and experience can even assist you with profitably selling or franchising your business.



Conch’s business associates and clients appreciate Doug’s delivery of win-win situations.  He has a sharp eye for detail and is diligent in crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s during business transactions.  He thereby safeguards the nerves and reduces the liabilities of all parties involved. As a result we have many loyal customers from all over the country – indeed, the world.



Conch Accounting is very fortunate to have Doug’s business savvy and diverse professional skills available for our clients.  He’ll help make your business even more successful than you are today.


Here’s to your PROFIT!


With over 30 years of middle management and accounting experience, Barb has helped over 50 businesses run more efficiently and climb to new peaks.  She enjoys her work and loves to help others whenever she can.  Barb often reminds the team that we offer a much larger service than “just filing taxes.”  Unlike most other accountants, she has not spent her entire career working in CPA firms. Barb has been a cashier, worked in a home office, served as department manager, human resources manager, accountant and CFO of multi-million dollar corporations. “And I, too, am a business owner!”


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Barb has worked her way up in several companies and each time was sorely missed when it was time for her to move on. She truly understands that each business is unique having had extensive hands-on experience in the following fields: retail, restaurant, construction, real estate, non-profit, lawn care, rental, medical, education, marine service/charter, and industrial manufacturing.   To augment that real-time experience, Barb has completed a plethora of college and corporate courses targeted on management, resource development, labor law compliance, tax law and, of course, accounting.




Most importantly, Barb will help you focus your time and energy on areas that make you the most money.



“And, if you still want to use your old CPA to prepare your tax return, that’s fine with us.  Really!”


Here’s to your PROFIT!


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